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Fitness Instructor

While working at a health club during high school in my hometown of Dallas, Texas, my love for fitness developed. I enjoyed experimenting with different exercises and sharing my passion with others. Although life took me in another direction I never gave up the desire to one day help others meet their fitness goal.  I know the struggle and disappointment of trying to reach personal fitness goals. I have learned throughout the years what works & what does not work.  During the pandemic I got ISSA certified and was on my way. I am excited to bring that knowledge to people and help them reach their goals.  

In addition to personal training, I decided to take the leap and start a fitness & wellness company with my longtime friend Jennifer Horne (now you see where the Jen2 came into play). Jen and I have worked out together, ran a few 5k’s, 10k’s, and even a half marathon together. Workouts became far more rewarding while in each other's company, giving us the confidence to daydream about silly goals like teaming up for The Amazing Race. Though we decided we weren’t a good fit for our television debut on The Amazing Race, we never stopped encouraging one another to reach our fitness and health goals. Our commitment to health and friendship gave way to ReJen2erate. After the pandemic hit, we realized people now more than ever need to prioritize health, wellness, and connection. There was no better way than to start a business that brings people together and makes them feel energized & empowered. ReJen2erate brings a sense of community & realness to our clients and we are more than excited to share and start this new venture together.

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